Why Choose Atlas Speech for Accent Reduction

Eric Maki is an American Accent Reduction specialist certified by The Institute of Language & Phonology. Using a structured, personalized and systematic approach called the Compton P-ESL Accent Modification method, I work with individuals globally, regardless of their native language, to improve their American accent and pronunciation.

  • Free online assessment
  • Learn to speak English effectively and be easily understood in 10 hours
  • Clients hear a 50-70% improvement in the clarity of their pronunciation
  • Certified accent reduction professional personally analyzes each individual’s speech patterns to determine specific areas of improvement
  • I can help you lose your accent and improve your pronunciation to sound articulate, dynamic and successful

What Clients Say

Eric is awesome! He helped me lose my accent and gave me a lot of confidence in my professional career. This is the best investment you can make in yourself. Working with Eric changed my life.
Ying M., MBA, IT Consultant
This course dramatically helped reduce my accent after only two months. After working in the U.S. for eight years I still struggled with being understood and clear communication is critical as a physician. Eric helped me tremendously.
Ankur V., MD, Physician
I used to avoid talking on the phone and now no one asks me to repeat myself. Working with Eric improved my accent and really changed the way I speak English. His approach is easy to follow and the results come quickly.
Laszlo B., Business owner
I knew that I had trouble with ‘R’ and ‘L’ in my speech and Eric diagnosed exactly how to improve pronunciation. Now I don’t even think about it. It’s natural. He is a great speech coach.
Kevin W., Chemist