Accent Reduction Services

Accent modification and reduction coaching will give you a competitive professional advantage to speak more clearly and confidently in all of your business interactions. Your accent is unique to only you and the result of learning English as a second language. Through a systematic approach, together we can improve your pronunciation and make your distinct voice a personal strength and valuable asset.

My personalized approach teaches non-native English speakers how to make small changes in their speech patterns to neutralize distracting accented sounds and improve the overall understanding of their message. After our initial assessment, I create a personalized guide that includes:

      • 10 hours of instruction conducted over one hour online or tele-conference sessions wherever you are in the world
      • Teaches you how to clearly pronounce all the components of clear and confident American English: vowels, consonants, rhythm, stress and intonation
      • Customized practice lessons to reinforce the ongoing learning objectives to further develop confident and clear communications

Your success depends on the ability to clearly communicate your expertise with colleagues and clients. Regardless of your native language, I can help you achieve your goal to speak American English more clearly and confidently in just a few weeks.

What Client’s Say

Eric is awesome! He helped me improve my accent and gave me a lot of confidence in my professional career. This is the best investment you can make in yourself. Working with Eric changed my life.
Ying M., MBA, IT Consultant
This course dramatically helped reduce my accent after only two months. After working in the U.S. for eight years I still struggled with being understood and clear communication is critical as a physician. Eric helped me tremendously.
Ankur V., MD, Physician
I used to avoid talking on the phone and now no one asks me to repeat myself. Working with Eric improved my accent and really changed the way I speak English. His approach is easy to follow and the results come quickly.
Laszlo B., Business owner
I knew that I had trouble with ‘R’ and ‘L’ in my speech and Eric diagnosed exactly how to improve. Now I don’t even think about it. It’s natural. He is a great accent coach.
Kevin W., Chemist
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