Personalized pronunciation training from a certified accent modification professional is the most effective and fastest way to reduce your accent and improve your fluency of standard North American English. Research from universities around the world continue to show that regardless of your native language, by focusing on pronunciation you can dramatically improve the overall understanding of your message.

Here is an example of accent reduction research from Northern Arizona University that studied the effect of pronunciation training on comprehensibility. After only 12 hours of pronunciation training, the research concluded that the speakers of English as a second language improved the understanding of their spoken communications by 48%. This huge improvement occurred after only 6 weeks! The study further shows that participants in the research who did not receive any pronunciation training actually saw a decrease in the comprehension of their spoken English. There is a direct correlation between personalize pronunciation training and improved fluency.

Do you want to improve your spoken English quickly and with long-lasting results? As a Certified Accent Modification Specialist from the Institute of Language and Phonology, I can help you experience transformational improvement of your English language fluency after only a few weeks by applying proven pronunciation training methodologies. The Atlas Speech Coaching approach is personalized to your specific accent speech patterns and customized to your level of English pronunciation proficiency. At the end of your custom program you can also expect at least a 50% reduction in your accent.

To get started please complete the free initial recording of some basic words, a reading passage, and tell me a little bit about yourself. Click here for the initial assessment. There is no obligation and no fee to receive my initial report and assessment of your speech. Let’s get improve your speech today.

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