Here is a great way to earn $25 and help your friends, family members and colleagues improve their accent and English pronunciation with personalized speech coaching. If you know someone who could benefit from modifying their accent and you could use some extra money, then we are a perfect match! Atlas Speech Coaching offers a referral bonus to anyone. You don’t have to be a client or a former client to take advantage of this offer.

Please share our contact information with anyone you know who wants to speak English clearly and be understood the first time. When they sign up with me for private accent reduction training and mention you as a reference, I’ll send you $25 via Paypal. It’s that simple.

I provide worldwide, private training with individuals online using Skype and over the phone, so it doesn’t matter where they are located. Regardless of their native language, accent reduction training will help give your friends and family more confidence socially and give them a competitive advantage to speak English more clearly in all professional settings. Whether they are located in the United States or in any country around the world, I can work with them to improve their English pronunciation no matter their profession, background or current speaking ability.

All my clients really enjoy working with me and you can have 100% confidence that your referral will be happy with the results. There is no limit on how many referral bonuses you can earn. Please share my contact information with your friends, family, colleagues, classmates, professors and anyone else who wants to improve their English pronunciation and speak with an American accent.

Here are three easy ways you can contact Atlas Speech Coaching:

  • Email Eric Maki directly at
  • Call Eric Maki at (303) 579-3545
  • Fill out the Atlas Speech Coaching initial contact form HERE

Also, your referral can get started today by taking a free speech assessment online HERE. You can forward or copy this link to share with anyone:

If you prefer to that I contact your referral directly, please get in touch with me to share your referral’s contact information and we can keep your involvement anonymous.

The path to better pronunciation starts with Atlas Speech Coaching. Thank you for sharing.