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Eric Maki is an American Accent Modification specialist certified by The Institute of Language & Phonology. Using a structured, personalized and systematic approach called the Compton P-ESL Accent Modification method, I work with clients both locally in Bend, OR and globally to improve their American pronunciation at
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How to improve your English pronunciation by watching American movies

The weekend is here and one thing a lot of Americans enjoy doing on the weekend is watch a movie. This got me thinking about how my clients can improve their pronunciation by watching American movies. Well not just watching movies, but using some of the mimicking skills we work on during our personal […]

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Atlas Speech Coaching Referral Bonus

Here is a great way to earn $25 and help your friends, family members and colleagues improve their accent and English pronunciation with personalized speech coaching. If you know someone who could benefit from modifying their accent and you could use some extra money, then we are a perfect match! Atlas Speech Coaching offers […]

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Accent Reduction ProTips: Improving Chinese Pronunciation

Today is the Chinese Lunar New, so I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the Top 3 most important Accent Reduction ProTips for native Chinese speakers of North American English.

There are more international students from China than any other country. Last year 275,000 Chinese students studied at U.S. Universities, up 17% from 2013. […]

Do I need an Accent Reduction Speech Coach?

Do I need an Accent Reduction Speech Coach? is a question all of my clients needed to evaluate and answer before hiring me. If you are wondering if personal accent reduction and pronunciation training is right for you, start by asking yourself:

Do colleagues ask me to repeat myself countless times throughout the day?
Do I […]

Accent Reduction ProTips: How to Pronounce Initialisms

Knowing how to correctly pronounce initialisms and other abbreviations is an important nuance of speaking English as an American. We love to use abbreviations in both professional and social settings. Industries and even specific companies have their own extensive jargon used internally so regularly that it becomes its own language. Plus, using this kind […]

The Three Levels of English Pronunciation

When you speak English as a second language, your level of pronunciation is the first thing that native speakers notice. Your ability to follow the rules of grammar and use an expanded vocabulary do not matter if you are unable to fluently pronounce them clearly and correctly.

There are three levels of English pronunciation:

Level 1: […]

Accent Reduction ProTips: How to Pronounce Compound Proper Nouns

Today’s Accent Reduction ProTip addresses how to pronounce compound proper nouns. The English language has its own rhythm of intonation which is different from many languages where each syllable in a word is pronounced with the same level of emphasis. If you want to achieve your goal of speaking English as a second language, […]

Little Connection Exists Between Spelling and Pronunciation

The connection between English spelling and pronunciation in frustratingly disjointed, irregular and unpredictable. Everyday as I work with individuals on their pronunciation skills, regardless of their native language, I am asked to help them make sense of why this is and how they can overcome this barrier to better achieve their goal of fluent […]

Accent Reduction ProTips: How to Pronounce Words with Multiple Meanings

A common issue I help my clients with regardless of their native language, is how to pronounce words that are spelled the same but have multiple meanings. The English language is full of these tricky words, called heteronyms, that have different stress patterns for different language usage, especially between nouns and verbs.

Here are three […]

Accent Reduction & The Pronunciation Effect

Personalized pronunciation training from a certified accent modification professional is the most effective and fastest way to reduce your accent and improve your fluency of standard North American English. Research from universities around the world continue to show that regardless of your native language, by focusing on pronunciation you can dramatically improve the overall […]

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