Accent Modification

Accent modification coaching will give you a competitive professional advantage to speak more clearly and confidently in all of your business interactions. Atlas Speech is your path to better pronunciation.

How did you get started helping people with accent reduction?

I started by first helping friends, colleagues and family members who learned to speak English as a second or third language as adults. The results were tremendously positive and personally rewarding to see the impact that improving spoken communication can have on a person’s life. I achieved my Certification from the Institute of Language […]

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What education and training do you have that relates to your work?

I am certified by the Institute of Language & Phonology as an Accent Modification Specialist. This certification is very specialized to specifically help improve spoken English. I work with individuals from around the world to help them improve their pronunciation and neutralize their accented speech, regardless of their native language and culture. Since 2014, […]

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What is your typical process for working with a new customer to improve their accented speech?

My work with non-native English speakers who learn a new language as an adult, focuses on changing the unconscious habits that govern the sounds produced. Each of my clients begins with an free language assessment online. This online recording uses practice words and reading passage are phonetically balanced to specifically test the most important […]

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How to improve your North American English Pronunciation and Accent

Learning to speak another language is a valuable accomplishment. When you are an adult learning to speak American English as a second language (ESL), the resulting accent you have when you speak is affected by the sounds and intonation of your native language. This is amplified when you learn English from a non-native English […]

What is Accent Modification and Speech Coaching all about?

Here are some frequently asked questions from perspective clients that I hope will help you get a better idea of how I can help you achieve your speech pronunciation goals.

How does your service stand out?

Atlas Speech Coaching accent reduction services are personalized, structured and focused. Using the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language […]

Accent Reduction ProTips: Difference Between Prepositions Of and From

Understanding how to use the two most common prepositions, of and from, correctly in spoken English helps my clients improve their overall fluency. A preposition is a word in a sentence typically used before a noun or a pronoun to express the relationship to yet another word in the sentence. Prepositions and prepositional phrases […]

Accent Reduction and the Effect on the Customer Service Experience

“What is the impact of an accent on a customer’s service experience?” is the question that researchers at the University of Adelaide set out to answer in a study that was recently published: The Effect of Service Employees’ Accent on Customer Reactions. With many corporations off-shoring their customer service operations, it is becoming common […]

The Importance of Accent Modification

Personalized accent modification coaching from a certified specialist is important to any non-native English speaker who wants to neutralize distracting speech patterns in their everyday conversations. Progressing both professionally and socially is a challenge to overcome for anyone who learned to speak English as a second language, especially if their teacher was a non-native […]

The Top 3 Misconceptions of Why You Have an Accent

As a certified accent modification specialist, I work with individuals from around the world to help them improve their pronunciation and neutralize their accented speech. Regardless of their native language and culture, I found that each of my clients had similar misconceptions they had to overcome before choosing the path to better pronunciation.

The first […]

Accent Reduction ProTips: Using Articles Correctly

Speaking English fluently involves not only pronouncing sounds correctly, but also using the correct rhythm and intonation. The articles THE and A or AN are used to connect parts of sentences and modify nouns. Articles help with the flow of the language and act like simple adjectives. While they may seem innocuous and are […]

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