Do I need an Accent Reduction Speech Coach? is a question all of my clients needed to evaluate and answer before hiring me. If you are wondering if personal accent reduction and pronunciation training is right for you, start by asking yourself:

  • Do colleagues ask me to repeat myself countless times throughout the day?
  • Do I feel self-conscious when meeting new people because I’m worried they won’t understand me?
  • Do I avoid talking on the phone?
  • Do I feel like my accent is holding me back professionally?
  • Do I have a trouble making new friends with native English speakers?
  • Have I tried watching video tutorials on accents, taken traditional ESL classes, read how-to guides for improving your English but still struggle speaking Standard American English in professional or social settings?

If you answer even remotely close to YES on any of these questions, then I can help correct your accent and improve your pronunciation.

Having an accent is nothing more than the result of learning a second language as an adult. Speaking with an accent happens to anyone regardless of age, education or background, but especially true for adults who learn English from non-native English speaking teachers. I certainly speak Spanish and French with an American accent and know that having an accent is not any kind of speech disorder. It is simply how you learn to speak English when it is filtered through your native language.

When you learn English in a classroom setting, teachers work with many students at the same time based on a set curriculum. Because of this individuals often have specific personal speech issues that never get addressed, never get corrected and persist forever. Especially when your English teacher is a non-native English speaker, it is easy to pick up bad habits that will cause your accent to be a distraction and a barrier to communicating with native English speakers. A personal speech coach does not teach a classroom of students generalized material for a specific test. Instead a speech coach’s role is to help solve each individual student’s specific speech problems.

A good speech coach begins by listening to an individual’s speech, assessing the problematic areas and making a specific list of sounds that need to be improved. Then the speech coach shows the individual how to make the appropriate changes and how to practice the new sounds. By working with an accent reduction speech coach, individuals can make progress at a self-determined pace instead of having to move on too quickly when more time and effort is needed to improve a specific area. Learning how to correctly speak sounds is a separate process from acquiring English vocabulary and learning grammar rules. This is shown by the fact that on their own, anyone’s pronunciation of a second language rarely improves with the passage of time. The only way to overcome this challenging barrier is with personalized instruction and coaching.

If you are wondering if private speech coaching is right for you, please contact me about my free personal speech assessment. There is no obligation to take the free assessment and to receive a report analyzing your nine areas of speech production. Pronunciation is everything. Without proper pronunciation your efforts to learn English grammar and vocabulary will be undermined. Your path to better pronunciation starts here. Let’s get started today.

Thank you.