Regardless of your native language everyone has an accent when speaking English as a second language. People move from state to state and from country to country in today’s global economy seeking new professional opportunities and improved social lifestyle. As they move, they take their accent with them. An accent is a natural part of learning a new language and for some a personal accent is a point of pride and a reflection of cultural heritage. However, others struggle to improve their spoken communications due to their accent. If you are struggling to be understood, have to repeat yourself often, pass up opportunities to speaking up in important professional meetings, avoid social interactions out of fear, and most importantly want to maximize your potential, then it is time to focus on improving your pronunciation. I can help you clearly sound confident, articulate, dynamic and successful.

When you learn English as a new language you are taught the rules of grammar and memorize vocabulary, but little time is spent learning intonation and pronunciation patterns. Compounding your struggles may be due to learning English in your native country from an accented teacher which establishes barriers to clear communication from the beginning. By working with me, as a certified accent modification specialist, you will overcome these hurdles and learn how to successfully pronounce all the components of clear and confident American English: vowels, consonants, rhythm, stress and intonation.

We will use a systematic, multi-sensory approach that is personalized to your needs. Clients who complete our work together see a 50-70% improvement in the clarity of their pronunciation. This transformational success is achieved by incorporating proven techniques that modify habitual speech patterns in a short period of time. Your accent is unique to only you and together we can make your distinct voice a personal strength and valuable asset.

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Eric Maki

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