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The Three Levels of English Pronunciation

When you speak English as a second language, your level of pronunciation is the first thing that native speakers notice. Your ability to follow the rules of grammar and use an expanded vocabulary do not matter if you are unable to fluently pronounce them clearly and correctly.

There are three levels of English pronunciation:

Level 1: […]

Little Connection Exists Between Spelling and Pronunciation

The connection between English spelling and pronunciation in frustratingly disjointed, irregular and unpredictable. Everyday as I work with individuals on their pronunciation skills, regardless of their native language, I am asked to help them make sense of why this is and how they can overcome this barrier to better achieve their goal of fluent […]

Accent Reduction & The Pronunciation Effect

Personalized pronunciation training from a certified accent modification professional is the most effective and fastest way to reduce your accent and improve your fluency of standard North American English. Research from universities around the world continue to show that regardless of your native language, by focusing on pronunciation you can dramatically improve the overall […]

Learning to Improve American English Pronunciation as an Adult

All of my clients learned English as adults. Unfortunately, your childhood is when your ability to process a new language and speak new sounds occurs most easily. Your peak language learning years are probably long past, however, together with my expertise, you can develop new pronunciation skills to help reduce your accent and improve […]

Accent Reduction: Let’s make your distinct voice a personal strength and valuable asset.

Regardless of your native language everyone has an accent when speaking English as a second language. People move from state to state and from country to country in today’s global economy seeking new professional opportunities and improved social lifestyle. As they move, they take their accent with them. An accent is a natural part […]

Atlas Speech Coaching is the most effective accent reduction program.

Atlas Speech Coaching uses the Compton P-ESL (Pronunciation of English as a Second Language) training program to help individuals around the world improve their pronunciation of American English. The Institute of Language and Phonology in San Francisco, CA developed this program in 1978 and is recognized as the most effective accent modification program available […]

Three Steps on the Path to Better Pronunciation

As a Certified Accent Modification Specialist, I use a personalized approach to identify specific areas of accented speech to improve overall pronunciation, clarity and understanding. Then I work with my clients, regardless of their native language, through three steps on our path to better pronunciation.

In the first step you will learn to hear key […]

Atlas Speech Coaching Introduction

Welcome to Atlas Speech Coaching. The purpose of Atlas Speech Coaching is to help you improve the pronunciation of your spoken English. I am a Certified Accent Modification Specialist from the Institute of Language and Phonology and help individuals from around the world, regardless of their native language, reduce their accent and improve the […]

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