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Accent Reduction ProTips: Difference Between Prepositions Of and From

Understanding how to use the two most common prepositions, of and from, correctly in spoken English helps my clients improve their overall fluency. A preposition is a word in a sentence typically used before a noun or a pronoun to express the relationship to yet another word in the sentence. Prepositions and prepositional phrases […]

Accent Reduction ProTips: Using Articles Correctly

Speaking English fluently involves not only pronouncing sounds correctly, but also using the correct rhythm and intonation. The articles THE and A or AN are used to connect parts of sentences and modify nouns. Articles help with the flow of the language and act like simple adjectives. While they may seem innocuous and are […]

Accent Reduction ProTips: How to Pronounce Compound Proper Nouns

Today’s Accent Reduction ProTip addresses how to pronounce compound proper nouns. The English language has its own rhythm of intonation which is different from many languages where each syllable in a word is pronounced with the same level of emphasis. If you want to achieve your goal of speaking English as a second language, […]

Accent Reduction ProTips: How to Pronounce Words with Multiple Meanings

A common issue I help my clients with regardless of their native language, is how to pronounce words that are spelled the same but have multiple meanings. The English language is full of these tricky words, called heteronyms, that have different stress patterns for different language usage, especially between nouns and verbs.

Here are three […]

Accent Reduction: Improve Your Accent to Improve Your Credibility

No matter how knowledgeable or experienced you are, a heavy accent will undermine your credibility. According to research from the University of Chicago, (S. Lev-Ari and B. Keysar. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. 2010) the harder a listener has to work to understand a non-native English speaker, the less truthful they perceive the speaker’s […]

Accent Reduction ProTips: Pronouncing Compound Nouns is Stressful

Speaking standard American English is full of compound nouns. Learning how to correctly identify and stress the appropriate syllable will help you sound more fluent, and the meaning of the word you are pronouncing will be more clearly understood. A compound noun is a noun that has at least two words but considered a […]

Accent Reduction ProTips: Your Path to Better Pronunciation

As I work with scientists, engineers, physicians and software developers from around the world, regardless of their native language, clearly communicating numbers in English is a common problem that can have life or death consequences. Let’s review a pronunciation quick tip that will have dramatic results in how you articulate numbers with your professional […]

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