Personalized accent modification coaching from a certified specialist is important to any non-native English speaker who wants to neutralize distracting speech patterns in their everyday conversations. Progressing both professionally and socially is a challenge to overcome for anyone who learned to speak English as a second language, especially if their teacher was a non-native English speaker. Many of my clients described situations where their hard work went unrewarded in the form of a promotion due to cultural communication divides undermining their credibility. A less distracting accent is an important factor between receiving a promotion at work and being left behind. Accent reduction training also helps expatriates socially. Improved pronunciation skills make interactions a lot smoother for both parties when the level of communication is similar. Accent reduction is an important step for non-native English speakers who want advance their careers and have a more well rounded social life.

By personally working with my clients, after only 10 weeks, we are able to neutralize distracting speech habits and sounds, develop better voice production and projections skills and improve intonation and rhythm patterns. All of my clients hear at least a 50% improvement in their spoken communications, regardless of their native language.

The common goals for my clients include:

  • Lessen their accents to increase personal and professional opportunities.
  • Improve conversation, presentation, and telephone call skills.
  • Speak more confidently and effectively in social and professional environments.
  • Be understood the first time from their audience of listeners.

If you or someone you know has similar goals and wants to improve their spoken English, then please learn more at Atlas Speech: and contact me for an initial free, no obligation assessment at Thank you.